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Challenge Category Value Time
OS trivia10
PyCharm Better ngl trivia10
Color me curious Quiz10
Cause of 24% of computer viruses. trivia10
Five Eyes trivia10
Popcorn trivia10
Pay Respects trivia10
Hack the Planet!! Quiz15
Languages Quiz15
Information Security Theory, Oh My! Quiz15 !Important25
A Hard Question Quiz20
Office Supplies trivia10
Remember Me? Quiz20
Necessary for Evolution trivia10
Enigma trivia10
Radish Quiz40
Under Pressure Quiz20
Network Factory Quiz20
Julius Caesar Cryptography65
A Sister Pioneer Quiz15
Floatation Device Quiz40
#14 trivia10
Disk trivia10
emrodnilap Quiz10
Grep This Code70
So Random Lol Quiz35
Click Here Web Security20
Fizzy Code70
Secret Agent Non-Technical75
Part of a Balanced Diet Quiz25
It Only Takes One Code300
Phishing Trip: Chris L Opsec/Social Engineering75
Protocol Reverse Engineering30
Let's Hash This Out Cryptography50