2nd place

1770 points


Challenge Category Value Time
Boston Dynamics Web Security80
Snap Web Security90
AJAX Web Security100
emrodnilap Quiz10
lor me curious Quiz10
Unicorns and Rainbows Cryptography50
Hack the Planet!! Quiz15
Information Security Theory, Oh My! Quiz15
Languages Quiz15
Hard Question Quiz20
Remember Me? Quiz20
Network Factory Quiz20
Encoding Reverse Engineering10
Encoding Reverse Engineering20
Under Pressure Quiz20
Stringy Reverse Engineering60
Buzz Buzz Code70
Part of a Balanced Diet Quiz25
Base to Base Quiz40
Julius Caesar Cryptography70
So Random Lol Quiz35
One Stop Shop Quiz35
Safety First Quiz20
Sister Pioneer Quiz15
Under Pressure Quiz20
Grep This Code70
Ensign Non-Technical75
Protocol Reverse Engineering30
What Do You Say? Code100
A Chatty Bird Code250
Pun-believable Non-Technical75
The Best Question Reverse Engineering20
Phishing Trip: Alex Parra Opsec/Social Engineering75
Rome and back Non-Technical100
A Picture's Worth... Opsec/Social Engineering90