kansas city

4th place

945 points


Challenge Category Value Time
README.md !Important25
PyCharm Better ngl trivia10
#14 trivia10
Let's Hash This Out Cryptography50
emrodnilap Quiz10
Office Supplies trivia10
Julius Caesar Cryptography65
Color me curious Quiz10
Grep This Code70
Click Here Web Security20
Pay Respects trivia10
Remember Me? Quiz20
Enigma trivia10
Network Factory Quiz20
Five Eyes trivia10
OS trivia10
A Hard Question Quiz20
Necessary for Evolution trivia10
Popcorn trivia10
Languages Quiz15
Disk trivia10
A Sister Pioneer Quiz15
Information Security Theory, Oh My! Quiz15
Hack the Planet!! Quiz15
Cause of 24% of computer viruses. trivia10
Radish Quiz40
So Random Lol Quiz35
Under Pressure Quiz20
A Frequent Question Cryptography240
A Picture's Worth... Opsec/Social Engineering90
Floatation Device Quiz40