Pizza Team

2nd place

630 points


Hint 412


Hint for Bugged



Challenge Category Value Time !Important25
Color me curious Quiz10
emrodnilap Quiz10
A Sister Pioneer Quiz15
Hack the Planet!! Quiz15
Information Security Theory, Oh My! Quiz15
Languages Quiz15
Network Factory Quiz20
A Hard Question Quiz20
Remember Me? Quiz20
Under Pressure Quiz20
Under Pressure Quiz20
Unicorns and Rainbows Cryptography50
PyCharm Better ngl trivia10
Cause of 24% of computer viruses. trivia10
So Random Lol Quiz35
History Lesson trivia10
Popcorn trivia10
Includes a flight simulator! trivia10
Thx Microsoft trivia10
Disk trivia10
Sand trivia10
Graph trivia10
Patriot Act trivia10
Miniclip trivia10
You Must Use Grep Code70
Timbs trivia10
Fizz Buzz Code70
Encoding Reverse Engineering20
Bobby Tables Quiz40
You Should Read This One Cryptography20