4th place

1440 points


User Name Score
alex 0
mingjie 610
nhe23359 580
Zachary 110
Ash 30
FayaWizard 110


Challenge Category Value Time
Double Rainbow!!! Cryptography50
Color me curious Quiz10
Caesar Salad Cryptography70
Encoding Reverse Engineering10
Protocol Reverse Engineering30
Readme Code20
Day in the life Non-Technical150
"Hey guys btw I use Linux" trivia10
Fizz Buzz Code70
#14 trivia10
You Must Use Grep Code70
Snap Web Security90
Cause of 24% of computer viruses. trivia10
Includes a flight simulator! trivia10
History Lesson trivia10
Pay Respects trivia10
A Hard Question Quiz20
Network Factory Quiz20
PyCharm Better ngl trivia10
Remember Me? Quiz20
1981 trivia10
Under Pressure Quiz20
Graph trivia10
Gold, silver, bronze Non-Technical100
Rome and back Non-Technical100
Secret Agent Non-Technical75
emrodnilap Quiz10
Office Supplies trivia10
Moscow trivia10
Hack the Planet!! Quiz15
He Was Number 1 Quiz25
Languages Quiz15
Information Security Theory, Oh My! Quiz15
A Sister Pioneer Quiz15
Part of a Balanced Diet Quiz25
So Random Lol Quiz35
Baseball Quiz40
Floatation Device Quiz40
Photograph to Photographer Opsec/Social Engineering90
Pasword Possibilities Code40
Java Jumble Code40